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Ready to go Workouts

These online ready to go softball pitching workouts are designed to give each pitcher direction on how and what to practice at home. Each aspect is geared towards every pitcher whether or not I have seen her in private lessons. Each workout will have a focus and they will give pitchers (and parents) a good variety of drills for mechanics, movements for power, and spot exercises to focus on without thought. If signing up for the $20.00 plan pitchers will also have one video analysis each month!  The workouts will be ready to download and go!

  • Workouts will be written with options so that they are perfect for pitchers of all ages

  • Mobility dynamic warm up will be included

  • There will be workouts for the winter that are specifically for working indoors into a net or a mirror

  • Each workout will give a variety of drills and exercises to keep practices exciting

  • Workouts will focus on power, locations, mechanics, and speed

  • This is a great tool for coaches who want to give their pitchers more direction!

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