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Rapsodo Pitching Staff Evaluation

2 hours


8th grade pitchers or older

Full Rapsodo Ball Flight Analysis

Through Rapsodo you will receive ball flight data on all of your pitches for each pitcher. We will work together so you can understand what is creating movement or diminishing movement in your pitches. We will also discuss your best plan of action for pitch development, and also your best plan of action for in game strategy.  Each pitcher will receive their data typed up after the session is over. 


Video Analysis

Throughout the entire session we will be utilizing video in order to provide quick feedback and understanding of the pitching motion.


Pitch Calling Strategy 

After compiling each pitchers data we will have a remote call to discuss the best plan of action for in game pitch calling. As well as discuss how each pitcher can improve her game!

Let's Work Together

Please contact me for more dates and times if what is listed doesn't work for you!

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